Best Games for Quarantine


During quarantine, it has been really hard to find things to entertain yourself. Here are 3 great games that you can play with your friends!

#1: Minecraft Java Edition ($26.95)

Minecraft is a great game that tons of people around the world play. During quarantine, I have been playing with my friends a lot. Minecraft is a great game to play with friends whether you are trying to survive the night in single-player or win a game of bed wars on a server. 

In Minecraft single-player, you have to survive from monsters and get resources to build houses and other interesting things!  One thing that many people enjoy about the single-player mode in Minecraft is that there is no real ending to the game. The ending is up to the player, and although beating the ender dragon is the main goal, there are still many more places to explore and conquer. You can also invite your friends to join you.

In Minecraft multi-player, there are many servers to play. Servers are Minecraft worlds made by fans that have minigames and fun modes. For example, on the most famous Minecraft server, Hypixel (, there is a minigame called bed wars where you have to defend a bed from being broken and be the last team standing. You also have to break other team's beds. Once a team's bed is broken, if someone on that team dies, they are out of the game. Although most servers have censored chats that block out curse words, some do not so if your kid is going to do multiplayer, make sure the server does not allow cursing.

There is one more mode called Minecraft Realms. In this mode, a player must pay for a subscription for 7.99$ a month, not including tax. Once a player buys a realm they can invite any friend and put up three worlds and a minigame (from a selection from the creators of minecraft) to play with the friends. Personally, me and my sister have played realms and made a whole village with lots of people which was really fun! 

#2: Minecraft Dungeons ($20)

Minecraft Dungeons is a game that was created by the developers of Minecraft as a new addition to the franchise. This game is a dungeon crawler that focuses on clearing hordes of enemies in different rooms. To make the experience different every time, every time you go through a level the rooms are in different spots. The game is a short play, but there are lots of ways to make it so that you can continue playing because there are many unique items that keep you playing to get the best items.

The objective of the game is to beat all the levels on every difficulty (default, adventure, apocolypse). The story of the game is pretty interesting, the main villain being a villager who was not allowed to live with his kind because he was different. He soon found a powerful object called the orb of dominance which turned him evil. After that, he started attacking villages with his army. In each level you are either trying to protect the villages or defeat the arch illager (the villain) in his castle.

There are lots of ways to enjoy this game. You can play offline (alone) or online (with friends). Currently there is no way to play with friends from other devices (xbox, ps, computer, switch), but the developers have stated they are working to fix this.

There is also more content that you have to buy, called dlc. each dlc is $5 and there are two. If you want to buy the hero pass which gives you all the dlcs and some extra exclusive content it is $10. Currently, there is only one dlc in the game called the jungle awakens dlc. It includes 3 extra levels and 1 secret level. It also includes new weapons, artifacts, and armor. The next dlc is planned to come on September 1st and will most likely follow the same path with what it includes.

#3: Fortnite (Free)

If you follow the news, you have most likely heard of Fortnite. On release of its free mode, battle royale it took the world by storm. Everyone was playing and talking about it. Although things have calmed down a bit, Fortnite is still a great game that gets updated frequently.

Though the game is free, there are lots of cosmetics and also a gamemode that you have to pay for. The cosmetics include skins, pickaxe skins, glider skins, contrail skins, and weapon skins. The extra gamemode is called Save the World and you have to survive zombies and complete quests to get better items and commanders (characters with different abilities).

The free mode is lots of fun! The main objective is to be the last person standing out of 100 people. There are also other modes that require you to be on a team of 2 or 4. Along with this, there are more modes like creative, where you build minigames, battle lab, where you can test weapons, party royale, where you can have a party with your friends on a cool island, and ltms, which are modes that are only there for a limited time and can be very fun and chaotic, like floor is lava where lava rises so you have to continue to build higher while fighting people.

Although Fortnite is a fun game, I do not recommend it to kids who are really little, since it does have violence and guns. It has a kid-friendly art style though, so it's still worth thinking about.

These have been some of my favorite games during quarantine, and I know a lot of my friends agree. - Anthony